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Classes, Events & Workshops

In a felting workshop students will learn about wool and how to transform raw wool into a piece of art or an artistic practical object. This is a very crative process stimulating most senses. Kids will be amazed to learn how the fluffy wool can be transformed into a sturdy piece of fabric, a process which almost seems magical.


Projects can vary from small to large, from easy to more advanced to suit any group of students. Projects also can be adjusted to meet specific needs or different curricula areas and special themes. Workshops can be for an hour, several hours, a day, several sessions or a residency.




Projects for Kids


  • Learn about sheep and wool and its different uses

  • Preparing the wool (Carding, dying....)

  • Beginners projects (balls, dragon eyes, friendship wurms, pebbles)

  • Painting with wool (making cards, flags, wallhangings)

  • Fashion projects (jewlry, brooches, accessoires)

  • Cloth (booties, scarves)

  • Easy sculputres (frogs, snaked, snails, fingerpuppets)

  • Sculptures (Animals, Fantasy figures)

  • Felting around a resist (apples with wurms, wallets, pillows, vessels)

  • Group projects (Larger Wallhanging, playcarpet


Projects for Adults


  • Introduction in needle felting

  • Introduction in wet felting

  • Introduction in nuno felting

  • Fashion accessoires (jewlery, brooches, barrettes)

  • Cloth (scarves, neck warmers, cuffs, booties)

  • Felting around a resist (wallets, purses, vessels, pillows)

  • Sculptures (Animals, figures, abstract sculpures)

  • Structures

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