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About Heike Fink

I am a self-taught felting artist holding a Master-Degree in Education (1997 Master of Education (Diplom-Pädagogin University of Frankfurt, Germany) and a State approved Teacher degree (1984 Staatlich anerkannte Erzieherin) Training College for Social Education of Munich, Germany.


Since 2004 I work in needle and wet felting for artistic and production purposes. Throughout the year, I participate in various art exhbitions and arts and crafts sales. My felted art pieces have won several awards at different exhibitions, including the award for Excellence in Textiles at Dimensions 2017. I am a juried member of the Saskatchewan Craft Council since March 2008, a working member of Handmade House since 2010, a member of Artisan Fine Craft Market Cooperative since 2013 and a Carfac.  I have designed and facilitated various felting projects, given felting demonstrations and taught felting classes for children and adults at schools, public events and in private settings.


Artist Statement

The ancient art of felting instantly fascinated me, because the process of felting seems so magical. Just some wool and a bit of hot soapy water or a felting needle combined with agitation and those loose wool fibers will meld together to form my new creation.


I am mostly attracted by the lightness and fluffiness of the wool, all the different colors, the smooth tactile touch of the wet soapy wool and the versatility felting does offer.


Even though, I love the wet-felting process for its sensual joys, I also do a lot of needle-felting, which gives me the opportunity to create very detailed figures. I truly enjoy creating whimsical little animals, which seem to spring into a life all of their own.


From sculptures to flat wool images to goods for daily use - loose wool fibres can be transformed into almost anything. I make scarves, booties, purses, vessels, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, barrettes, brooches, figures, animals, and hopefully much more in the future, since the possibilities are only limited by ones imagination.


I am self-taught and have learned the art of felting with lots of experimentation.
My inspiration comes mostly from my love of nature. My respect for nature and concern about the environment let me appreciate the sustainability of wool, a 100% renewable and biodegradable material.


Felting as a form of art has implemented the great joy and satisfaction of creating, into my daily life. With the support of other people enjoying my artwork, the opportunity to turn my felting devotion into a lifestyle has evolved. I am very grateful for that.


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