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Felting projects

for children and adults!



The ancient art of felting - brought to yourself, your children and your students.

Workshops & Classes


I offer hands on felting projects for all kinds of occasions. The workshops can be tailored especially to your needs.

  • Workshops in your classroom from K - 12

  • Workshops and come and go activities at public events

  • Vacation camps


Felting provides a holistic, multisensory experince combined with creativity. Engaging visual and tactile senses "playing" with wool, water and soap is relaxing, and the pleasing outcome captures the interest of children of all ages. Felting is easy to learn, trains coordination, encourages artistic expression and is great fun.


Wet felting


The tradtional art of felting is done by wet felting, where wool fleece is sprinkled with hot soapy water and agitated until a firm felted fabric is formed.

The eye of the frog.JPG

Needle felting


A more contemporary approach is needle-felting, where wool fleece is poked with a special barbed felting needle which makes the fibres stick together to form a firm, often 3-dimensional, fabric.

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